Close to Ajaccio

The beekeeping Estate Fiori d’Isula.

We are located in the village of Peri which is within easy reach of the town of Ajaccio. My bees can forage over a wide area and I move my hives from the coastal area of the golf of Lava to the Vizzavona forest at 800/1000m above sea level following the bloom of the nectar producing plant, says Romain Salasca.

Corsica enjoys very mild weather conditions on the coast while it gradually becomes colder with altitude. These varied climatic conditions account for the diversity of the island’s endemic vegetation and an array of nectar producing plants that give a honey of outstanding natural flavours.

Romain Salasca often says that being so close to Ajaccio is a real asset.

The commercial port, the train station and the airport of the town are all within easy reach and make transport and shipping to mainland France and Europe easier.

he label ‘OAP miel de Corse’ (OAP Honey from Corsica) ensures the quality of our product.

 Its requirements are:

  • A given geographical area
  • The use of the native Corsican honey bee
  • A strict labelling
  • The bloom of a range of honey producing plants endemic to the island and listed as follows:

@Fiori d’Isula

300 transhumant hives
40000 Annual production:5000kgs

The Company


I first set up the Beekeeping Estate Fiori d’Isula in 2009 says Romain Salasca.

Today I manage 350 transhumant hives and the annual honey production is of 5000kgs.

 My ambition is to produce a quality honey from a wild and privileged territory. This choice is in line with my marketing policy which targets not only the local market but international growth sectors such as gastronomy, delicatessens and upscale hotels.

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